Microblading Apprenticeship Academy

Beauty & The BLADE's very own Megan Sutton, will be offering an opportunity to help you grow your career in Microblading. 

The Microblading Apprenticeship Academy will include a 3 Day Classroom curriculum in addition to use of Parlour to complete hands on experience and grow your clientele confidently. 

The 3 Day Classroom Intensive Instruction will focus on:

  • Brow Mapping using the Gold Brow Ratio
  • Basic Microblading Hair Stroke Patterns
  • Pigments & Skin Typing
  • Beginning a Career in Microblading & Marketing 
  • Proper Permits, Licensing & Certificates & Safe Body Art Act
  • Proper PPE, Setup, Clean up & Reducing your risk of infection.
  • Aftercare & Followup

Each student of Beauty & The BLADE will also have access to:

  • Parlour Access to complete models once proper license(s), permitting and insurance is obtained. (up to 6 weeks)
  • Ongoing Online Group Support by Megan & all students.
  • Shared Resources to help you grow beyond the Beauty of Brows

Each student will be provided with:

  • Full Microblading Starter Kit - (1st day of class).
  • Live Demo of Megan performing Microblading from beginning to end.
  • Certificate of Completion - (last day of class).

This Apprenticeship Academy will be on Basic Microblading ONLY held by Megan on November 10-12, 2019; located at Beauty & The Blade in Santa Rosa, California. I will accept a maximum of 6 students to insure each one of you receive the utmost experience & individual attention.

To submit your deposit and reserve your spot please email Megan at [email protected] or click "register now" below.

The cost of the Apprenticeship Academy is $2700.00 

Deposit (non-refundable) $500.00

TOTAL AMOUNT DUE 2 weeks prior to first day of class.

(Course is non-refundable upon completion.) 

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3 Day Microblading Course